Leptotes bicolor 'SK'


Leptotes bicolor ‘SK’

100 points

Cultivator: Katalin Sipos
200 inflorescences
360 flowers (3 × 4 cm)

The plant is cultivated in a temperate greenhouse. In the summer she likes to hang outside. It is tied to a wire net with a thin moss coat. Fertilization is carried out during the summer months with a conductivity of approx. 400-500 µS/cm with almost every watering. The fertilizer concentration is reduced to around 200 µS/cm during the winter months. In general, there is less watering in winter. The flowers should dry quickly after watering, otherwise they will get brown spots. The plant gets a lot of light, but must be protected from too much sunlight.

Leptotes bicolor 'SK'
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