Online Editing

In October 2017, the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft launched an online editorial team with the aim of making the association more present on the Internet in order to appeal to younger potential members in particular.

If you used a Google search on the subject of orchids at the time, the D.O.G. website ( was practically non-existent. If it appeared at all in the search results, then at the earliest on one of the last pages. Today – three years and hundreds of working hours later – in many search queries on the subject, the German Orchid Society can be found among the first three results. A success that makes us proud!

In order to show you the faces behind this success, we would like to introduce you to the employees of the D.O.G. online editorial team, who do all the work related to the website of the German Orchid Society on a voluntary basis.

You too can help and actively participate in leading our association into the digital age. Do you have any suggestions? New ideas? Do you want to present one of your orchids as orchid of the week or just support us with administrative work? Then don’t hesitate and write to us:

Claudia Hanemann
Administrator Facebook

Claudia Hanemann lives in Jena with her family, some pets and about 300 orchids. She was given her first orchid when she was 14 years old and since then has been cultivating mainly coelogynes along with a few other genera. She has been a member of the German Orchid Society since 2013. Claudia regularly writes articles for the “Orchid of the Week” and supports us in the administration of our Facebook page and group.

Fabian Kulka
Fabian Kulka
Administrator Instagram

Fabian cultivates orchids of various species in his orchid display case and on the windowsill. He was particularly taken with the genus Lepanthes. He is passionate about photography and conjures up excellent macro shots of orchid blossoms. Occasionally he also writes articles for our website. Fabian supports us with the administration of the Instagram profile and with our Facebook page and group.

Jessy Delis
Administrator Facebook

Jessy from Hanover has been passionately cultivating Vandeen for over 10 years. Her numerous species and hybrids spend the summer on the terrace. Jessy is the administrator for the Facebook group and takes care of posting the photos for the online competition.

Matthew Wystub
Administrator Facebook

Matthias from Nördlingen im Ries cultivates vandeas, phalaenopses and some African species on his windowsills and in the garden. His passion mainly belongs to Vanda (syn. Neofinetia) falcata. Since September 2020 he has been supporting us as admin of the Facebook group and with work related to online competition.

Thomas Jacob
Head of D.O.G. online editorial team

Thomas is a regular contributor to the website and is the social network administrator. As head of the online editorial team – which he has enriched from the very beginning – he is also part of the editorial team of “Die Orchidee”. He is also a member of the WOC committee and helps with plant documentation at table evaluations. He cultivates several hundred orchids in his large and light-flooded apartment somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Nuremberg and Schwabach. His passion is the genus Phragmipedium.

Vitor García de Almeida
Administrator Facebook

Vitor comes from Brazil, lives in Berlin and also cultivates on the windowsill there. He is particularly interested in Phalaenopsis and Cattleya. Vitor is currently completing his training as a D.O.G. judge and has been in charge of the Facebook group and page since summer 2019. The former was initiated by him.

Werner Holzman
Administrator D.O.G. forum

In his home in Kitzingen, Werner cultivates hundreds of orchids on the windowsill and in showcases. He also owns a large indoor greenhouse with lighting, ventilation and other technology. Werner is one of our D.O.G. photographers and the “Orchid Doctor” at the International Orchid World in Dresden. As part of his work in the D.O.G. online editorial team, he has been in charge of the forum on our website from the very beginning. He also takes care of the platforms Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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